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Do i dare say the wet weather is like it used be! We finally have some moisture and

high water. The visibility is maybe a foot. The forecast is calling for hot weather so get ready the stoneflies will really move and the trout will eat both nyhmps and foam fly's. Book now the season is going to be fun!

We just received a good amount of snow in foothills area, I'm not complaining we will take all and any precipitation. We are currently in Pre-runoff their is good fly fishing; nymphing, streamers are the main fair, and the odd snout is always bonus. This year I will be row a new Adipose Boat Flow that is currently being built in Helena Montana. In meantime I use wife's Jennifer Buck's drift boat ,lucky me.

I'll keep you posted, Tightlines.

The rivers look great! Runoff is filing down and fish are eating the usual fare of caddis flies, PMDS and stoneflies. Bookings are starting to show promise and we are moving forward in the right direction. Summer 2021, the Stampede will again kick-off and Happy Days ! Come Fly Fish the Bow River!


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