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Run off has started the Bow is rising and its tributaries are coloured and cold from melting snow. Depending on the rainfall this period of coloured high water lasts few weeks. Then rivers return to lower levels and stoneflies begin to emerge the fishing can be really good.

Hibernation certainly describes what happens to me with the long Canadian winters. The days are now longer and the summer solstice is closer to the horizon. The mountains have a decent amount of snow as do the lower foothills. Runoff is still a ways away, but the snow at lower levels around here in Okotoks and Calgary will certainly find its way into the Bow. Currently flies are being tied and equipment inventory is taken to get ready for another season. Providing water levels are more or less normal i expect the Bow River to continue to deliver excellent Fly Fishing. Last year we experienced better fishing since the 2013 flood and i expect this trend to continue, hatches will intensify and the banks will grow more habitat as mother nature repairs itself.

September 2018 abruptly finished our summer, and fall is here, this morning marked our first real frost! The nymphing is consistent but the dry fly fishing has been the star so far. Get the right day and you can polish off hours pursuing big trout gulping tiny olives. Somehow we manage not be cold when we intently cast to rising fish, i equate it to feeling not as tired as the losing team if your are fortunate enough to be winning the game. Not sure how much of our season is left but get yourself some Patagonia nano pants to wear under your waders and fish until the trout no longer rise.


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