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Updated: Jul 1, 2018

I took my youngest son John and Jeff Hassler down river yesterday. Jeff is an old student of mine that I coached, he now plays professional rugby in Europe and is here for a short visit. We ventured on the Bow and streamer fished for a few hours. The visibility was 6", maybe a foot but who's arguing, the river is flowing high and is off colour! We hooked three fish, had great visit and called it a day. The silver lining is we have plenty of water, but I'm thinking the season should kick-off around stampede, July 7th, that is barring any downpours of rain. Well, I'm off to the mountains on Canada Day seeking clear water while happily casting dry flies. Let's hope the trout are looking up!

Johnny and Jeff Hassler

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

After an epic long winter, the longest I can remember since I arrived in 1981, I expected the #Bow to be in full spate for the best part of June. Not the case, flow rates dropped, the Riv. began to clear and fishing started. Fished twice last week; once on a prairie lake that produces white cap waves with the slightest puff of wind, which for southern #Alberta is all the time. But, hey if you're lucky enough to get into a giant, well worth it, I only managed a large size #Pike. Oh well, there is always this week! Saturday had to hit the Riv. for a pre-fish, it's nice when we have water in it as one can explore different channels. Nymphed some runs to see what's what and I was not surprised to have trout gobble my offering. Yes, the Bow is certainly fish-able, I am hoping to see some rising fish this week. The forecast looks good, not too hot I will keep you posted...


Joe Buck

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Runoff has commenced on the Bow. The river is running at about 300 cubic meters the visibility is about a foot to 18 inches. You could fish it but conditions are far from ideal. We have yet to see any significant rain, but June is supposedly our wettest month so we will wait and see. The rainbows are returning from their spawn and finding their news homes and the browns are thriving with the absent rainbows. So we are a few of weeks away before the riv. settles and good stuff begins. The caddis flies are almost here and the stoneflies will begin their migration at the end of month. I will provide another update in a couple weeks’, the #Stampede is traditionally when the #BowRiver really kicks off. Drop me an email or call me on available dates… July is fast approaching…

Talk soon,

Joe Buck


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