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Hopper Time!!!!

August is here and the river has been hot depending on the day. Seems like every afternoon the gurgle of thunder is somewhere in valley bringing its clouds and puffs and wind. No matter, put your jacket on and keep casting that bug. You never know on the Bow! BIG BROWN TROUT will come along and eat your offering. We have not landed "Black Book" brown yet. However, that's not to say we are not in the game hoppertunities are practically daily. The fish are big and are tricky to; entice, hook (let them eat it, difficult when they scrutinize follow and eat it going downstream) and land. Nevertheless, super exciting and can't wait to go out again next time. Trico and caddis fishing has kicked off, so its dry flies all around, unless you want break up your day and give a streamer a good go. In short, the best time to be on the BOW IS NOW!

One of the Best and a really good angler.

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