Run Off is Here...

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Runoff has commenced on the Bow. The river is running at about 300 cubic meters the visibility is about a foot to 18 inches. You could fish it but conditions are far from ideal. We have yet to see any significant rain, but June is supposedly our wettest month so we will wait and see. The rainbows are returning from their spawn and finding their news homes and the browns are thriving with the absent rainbows. So we are a few of weeks away before the riv. settles and good stuff begins. The caddis flies are almost here and the stoneflies will begin their migration at the end of month. I will provide another update in a couple weeks’, the #Stampede is traditionally when the #BowRiver really kicks off. Drop me an email or call me on available dates… July is fast approaching…

Talk soon,

Joe Buck

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