You Never Know!

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

After an epic long winter, the longest I can remember since I arrived in 1981, I expected the #Bow to be in full spate for the best part of June. Not the case, flow rates dropped, the Riv. began to clear and fishing started. Fished twice last week; once on a prairie lake that produces white cap waves with the slightest puff of wind, which for southern #Alberta is all the time. But, hey if you're lucky enough to get into a giant, well worth it, I only managed a large size #Pike. Oh well, there is always this week! Saturday had to hit the Riv. for a pre-fish, it's nice when we have water in it as one can explore different channels. Nymphed some runs to see what's what and I was not surprised to have trout gobble my offering. Yes, the Bow is certainly fish-able, I am hoping to see some rising fish this week. The forecast looks good, not too hot I will keep you posted...


Joe Buck

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