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Updated: Aug 1, 2018

We fish hoping that that day comes together and the fish really bite! Tuesday, July 10 happened to be such a day with a customer I have guided for over a decade. I sit here chuckling over all the fun we have shared together fly fishing the #BowRiver, and even though the river fished really well, you still just wind up logging it into your memory, hoping it comes together the next time you fish. Summer is here!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

It is nice to see the river shaping up. The insects are moving around and the fish are looking up, dry flies! Johnny our youngest has his birthday July 11 so we fish a river D.F.O. "dry fly only" and yesterday was our day. The fish obliged eating his offering rendering a feeling of contentment that only a day casting dry flies can do. Perfect!!!

Jennifer had her first day guiding on the River with Yvonne experiencing her very first time #flyfishing. They had a wonderful day lots of laughs while learning to the great past time of fly fishing. To top off their day on the #BowRiver Yvonne landed a nice big rainbow. Well done Yvonne doing all fly girls proud!

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

After Thursday's outing the #BowRiver was really high with low visibility along with coloured feeder streams. Friday the river dropped significantly and started to look much better. On Saturday we did some work for the AGOAA up keeping the boat launches. The river is certainly coming around, while cleaning up and chatting with my friend we both concurred, Big Brown trout are surely going to be caught streamer fishing. Dry fly fishing is just around the corner, it is my favourite time, you get to see a Bow river trout inhale foam bugs. Fun! On my way home from a day of river clean up, some boat testing, and catching a Brown trout and feeling quite satisfied, I crossed the Highwood River and it was clear. Now, it is fair to say the Bow River is ready to be fished.

A nice Brown trout I caught yesterday afternoon while testing a friends new boat.


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